Duke Fans Apparently Slap Babies As A Form Of Clapping

EXTREMELY late breaking entry for video of the year. Best part for me was waiting the first 8 seconds or so trying to find in the crowd of people where the baby slap would be. Then BANG it just pops on the screen, and you have to laugh. Baby’s just dangling there while mom’s using her as a noisemaker.

No baby expert over here, but last I heard they’ve still got this soft skull thing going. What angers me the most is that she wasn’t even that enthusiastic with the clapping. If you’re not even that excited, go ahead and save the baby the trouble.

Also late breaking news, the baby’s a fake baby apparently. Still an outstandingly funny video. But what’s important is how little you think of Duke fans (or how highly you like seeing children get slapped?) that you were willing to click through and watch the video. Shoutout the guy who tweeted it for doing this whole Twitter thing the right way.



One thought on “Duke Fans Apparently Slap Babies As A Form Of Clapping

  1. oh man! It’s a baby not a doll. I being the fan doesn`t want that to happen.
    If you really want to clap for your beloved team then do it appropriately. If
    you think you are not able to then clap from your heart. Whom you are showing
    off to by hurting your kid?


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