Arian Foster’s Fighting College Kids At Hot Dog Stands Nowadays

In today’s episode of Life After The NFL: 

// question you have to ask is why Arian Foster’s even at some hot dog stand in Houston around a bunch of college kids. Dude’s a millionaire and he’s eating at the same type of places college kids with no more money on their ID’s eat.

Video conveniently drops when the dude allegedly starts throwing n bombs around. As I understand the coverage though, no, it wasn’t a hard “you stupid n word” type deal, but more along the lines of “you’re not even relevant any more my n word”. Coming from the white guy in an oxford and Sperry’s, it probably wasn’t a good look (not 100% sure on the race of buddy, but if that’s what triggered the whole issue, you can make an educated guess). Even if it were in a colloquial or friendly manner. Better to just stay away from it.

Overall, it’s an excellent example of how quickly things blow out of control. Whether it was the n word or the “you’re not relevant” comment, it all started with “friendly” banter about buddy’s shoes. If you’ve got a quick temper, it’s a strong idea to avoid any sort of roast sessions. Take notes kids.


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