Even Twitter Can’t Pretend To Care About The Hyundai Sun Bowl

That’s the bowl game Christian McCaffrey’s sitting out. You didn’t even know the name of it, don’t you dare lie to me. Him and Leonard Fournette have decided to both sit out their respective bowl games because nobody cares about the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl or the Sun Bowl. Side note: Buffalo Wild Wings and Citrus activate my gag reflex. Makes me think about drinking a big glass of orange juice while taking down hot wings. Miss me with that.

I digress. Let’s check in on Twitter’s poor takes on the situation:

Rebels without a cause. How quickly people forget Jaylon Smith’s bowl game injury last year costing him $20 million.

I hate the Kirk Herbstreit “my generation” thing. That’s forever the weakest argument, in any scenario. Kirk’s generation invented CTE, killed all the elephants and polar bears, and allowed big corporations to gain political ownership of the entire world (too much time on /r/conspiracy today, reel it in Paul). So don’t come this way gunning at my generation when your generation’s got a lot of questions that need answering.

Plus, as many Twitter users noted, Kirk wasn’t good enough to play in the pros. So, please, just sit down and put the phones away. This was, universally and unequivocally, the right decision. If you’re not going to be angry when college coaches skip bowl games, keep your lips zipped on this one.

A couple fun notes on the Sun Bowl that made me kind of interested in it now: in 1961, the MVP award was won by a game named Billy Joe. Not Billy Joe *last name*. Straight up Billie Joe. Also, one of the first teams to play in it is just called CATHOLIC. Not Catholic University, just some Catholics out there. Falling in love with the history of the Sun Bowl (which was the Brut Bowl, aka Speed Stick’s biggest rival, until 2009).


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