Craig Sager Saved Dennis Rodman From Killing Himself In A Strip Club In 1993

Via Chicago Tribune:

The Times reported in October 1993 that “Rodman left a suicide note last February, and police later found him sitting in the parking lot at the Palace of Auburn Hills with a loaded rifle in the back of his truck.

“At the height of his struggle, Rodman disappeared and was considering killing himself when Sager tracked him down on the second floor of a Detroit strip club.”The Landing Strip,” Sager told Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins earlier this year. Rodman, Sager told SI, “had the gun. He was going to do it. I told him how stupid that would be.”

The intervention worked.

Pretty obvious throughout  his whole life that Rodman’s always felt like an outsider. From the hair to his personality, Dennis still doesn’t fit in. It’s not a mental illness, but that’s some hard stuff to deal with.

That Sager had the influence, empathy, and trustworthiness to literally save Dennis Rodman’s life is nothing short of saintliness. It’s just unheard of for a reporter/journalist to genuinely care that much about the person that they’re covering. Great take on Sager that I heard, from the Barstool guys of all places, was that nobody can help but smile every time they think of Craig Sager, which says everything about the guy, and how he’ll be remembered for decades to come.

I hope NBA players never stop telling stories about Craig Sager.


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