Video of Oklahoma RB Punching Woman At Pickleman’s Released

And this, my colleagues, was only a misdemeanor assault according to the courts.

Actually, Mixon did some sort of special plea deal where he pleads guilty, but doesn’t actually admit guilt in the eyes of the courts. Video wasn’t out then, because if it were, he’d really have no case. This is worse than the Ray Rice video, by far. To walk up in there with no intentions other than fighting with this girl’s just idiotic, and should’ve resulted in SWIFT action from the Oklahoma football program. Not a year suspension, but straight up kicking the guy off the team. There’s something to be said for trusting the words of your players, and it’s a hard spot for any coach to judge a crime, just as it is for judges. But the woman literally had a broken face. Even if you hadn’t seen the video, that’s enough to kick a guy off the team. Oh, and STOOPS SAW THE VIDEO IN 2014.

Basically giving the guy a year to get bigger and stronger’s not a punishment that coincides correctly with the crime. As Lindsay Schnell of SI wrote, “if this were a non-scholarship walk-on, he’d be off the team”. But since it was the #1 running back recruit from 2014, it was sustained and accepted by the program.

Plus WHY did he do it at Pickleman’s?! Way to just ruin everything that’s good in my life Joe Mixon.


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