Why People Care About Lebron Taking Games Off, Explained

Lebron took off the second half of the back and back, on the road, instead staying home along with Kyrie and Kevin Love to rest up. When you look back at Lebron’s career in 20 years, people won’t remember this. So why do they care so much? Let’s look at the takes first, which are always on fire when it involves Bron:

First off, you’re a bum if you spend $800 on Grizzlies tickets. Absolute bum. Second off, the Cavs are going to WALK through the East this year if they stay healthy. When you’re looking at a schedule, this is the perfect game to rest guys. One that doesn’t matter, 2nd half of a back to back, on the road, early in the season. Lastly, why should Lebron care about Grizzlies fans? Aren’t all of you the same ones that said the NBA should be more competitive and not so buddy-buddy? And blamed Lebron for being too friendly? Yet you want him being best friends with every single little kid in Memphis. So why do people care?

Because it’s Lebron, and people will find any reason to hate him. You can’t pull up any stat or highlight tape that says Lebron isn’t the best player in the league, by a long shot. Along with one of the 5 most talented players ever. And that pisses people off, especially in the East, because Lebron’s been pile driving them for the past decade. Same reason people make stuff up on Brady. Same reason people made stuff up on Jeter. People are jealous of greatness. Don’t get it twisted, this has NOTHING to do with little Memphis kids. It has EVERYTHING to do with a deep hatred for Lebron, that NBA fans are always looking to accentuate.

Btw, the “Jordan wouldn’t have done taken a game off” take is all-time bad. Do people forget that he quit basketball a week before the season started, and sat out an entire season? But that wasn’t “turning his back on the fans”? Gotcha.


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