Adam Eaton’s The Only White Sox Player That Saved His Jersey From Chris Sale’s Scissors

Via White Sox Podcast:

I think I may have the only one that didn’t get cut up. I secretly yanked mine down when he wasn’t looking, and as of right now I think – besides the coaches; the coaches are one thing – but I want to know for sure that I’m the only player that didn’t get his cut up.”

Was an all-time story that we should never ever stop talking about. Don’t 100% remember what I wrote about it back when it happened (nor did I click through that link to re-read it, but you should to tell me I’m wrong), but I’m hoping I said that I love this move.

Crybaby? A little bit, sure. But what a way to take back control of your locker room. Lebron did the same thing when he didn’t like his jersey. If you’re not being heard by management, time to take back what’s yours. Especially if you’re a starting pitcher, and you’re only playing in 1/6 of the games at most during the year, you can’t be risking one of them just because management wants you to wear some jersey.

For Eaton, I don’t really care about him selling off his jersey. The act by Chris Sale’s iconic, but they’ll wear those again next year, so not very rare.



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