College Tip, Finals Week Edition: Don’t Go To The Library

College libraries, contrary to belief, are probably the worst place on planet Earth to study.

You need to just bang out a bunch of busy work? Maybe write a 10 page paper? Library’s the place to go, no doubt.

But I’m talking hard core STUDYING. Like, the I-can’t-even-tell-you-the-name-of-my-professor kind of studying. Nowhere worse than the library. If you “study” in groups, you’re just lying to yourself, and are the source of 99% of my anger at libraries. Let me sound like an old man for a minute: don’t bring your laughing and tomfoolery into a place that’s supposed to be for studying, especially during Finals week. Not interested in how you or your friends “can’t even” with that video of the dog driving the car. Don’t care. You’re disrupting all the feng shui I’ve built up in my head.

That’s why your boy’s about to give you the better alternative. If you’re past freshman year, you’ve likely already figured this one out. Find your own secretive, quiet study spot. Maybe it’s in an empty classroom. Maybe it’s in the stairwell. Maybe it’s in the deep corner of a building. Whatever it takes. Because it’s a proven fact you can’t study well within view of bed, so the casa’s out of the question. And as the levels of buffoonery going on inside of these libraries continues its upward trend nowadays, you’ve got to get creative.

You’re welcome. Happy studies.


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