Trump Said Army And Navy Kinda Sorta Suck At Football

Big pet peeve of mine throughout the election was people saying Trump “calls it like it is”, when he just lied and made stuff up most of the time. And he wasn’t the first politician to do that on either side of the ticket, and he surely won’t be the last. But he got so many votes off of lying about how he called it like it is, unlike any one before him.

However, he’s sort of right here. And I strongly respect the move from him to be in a stadium full of 10s of thousands of soldiers, and say that it’s “not the best football”. I mean, it really isn’t the best football out there, but that’s not the point of the rivalry, and Trump hit that on the head (sorta, he fumbled through the words but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt). It’s more about the camaraderie than any other rivalry in sports, and that makes it an electric atmosphere. 1 brownie point for DJT.

(Also, I’ve got no clue what sort of wild stuff is on the account that I pulled the video from, it was just the first one to pop up. I’m assuming by the fact they put “no CNN viewers in the tweet, there’s some sort of #PizzaGate stuff on their timeline, that doesn’t mean your best friends at Crossover Report are on board with it jsyk)


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