Not A Typo: Chapecoense Being Fined For Missing Championship Match

Via Mirror:

Chapecoense have reportedly been fined €28,300 after failing to fulfil their final fixture of the season against Atletico Mineiro. Nineteen players from the Brazilian club were among 71 killed in a plane crash earlier this month while traveling to their Copa Sudamericana final match against Colombian side Atletico Nacional.

No Brazilian for the rest of history is allowed to say anything about soccer “being more than a sport”, or it “being a religion”. Do not care if these are the rules. Do not care that they fined the other team. There’s not one single way you can justify this or your sport. Y’all have gone too far with the whole damn game.

Say what you will about us Americans and our version of football, but we didn’t fine Marshall football for the games they missed after their plane crashed. Didn’t know that would one day be measure of the morality of our society, but apparently it is now.

Also, they have spiders as big as puppies in Brazil. Hard pass on the whole country.


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