Jagermeister’s Headed To Court With The Bucks Over Their New Logo

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Mast-Jägermeister, maker of the loved-or-hated liqueur famously downed in shots, on Thursday filed a formal opposition to the registration of the new-look Bucks logo with Trademark Trial and Appeal Board at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The company contends it “has established exclusive rights in the DEER HEAD Marks through use in commerce in the United States” going back to 1968, and cites a litany of reasons to oppose registration for the Bucks, including a likelihood that people might confuse the two companies, or believe they are connected or affiliated

Best part of the lawsuit’s that Jager’s contesting if the Bucks have a bad season, people will “switch to vodka” instead of drinking Jager. As the logo would just remind them of the bad season.

Laughable. Jager and vodka are two different ball games anyways. Plus, the folks in Milwaukee aren’t making their decision based upon something silly like the logo. Based 100% upon what’s closest to them, or what’s the most fun to say. If anything though, I feel like this helps Jager. Because Bucks fans are seeing the logo on the court, then seeing it on the bottle. Wisconsians are visual creatures, so they’ll love to make that visual connection when making their liquor selection.

Side note, I don’t understand how trademarks work (not a great thing to publicize as the owner of this company maybe). Like, Jager thinks that because their logo’s a deer, they suddenly own deer? There just seems to be some holes in the system.


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