Horace Grant Wore His Goggles #ForTheKids

Bulls legend Horace Grant took part in a Reddit AMA this weekend (one of my life goals btw). When asked about his signature goggles, Horace dropped a little known fact:

I got them because I was legally blind. I wore em because of that for a few years. After a few years I got Lasik surgery, but I kept wearing them without the perscription (sic) lenses because I had grandparents and parents come up to me and thank me for wearing them. Their kids and grandkids would get made fun of by wearing protective eyewear playing sports, so I kept wearing them to help make it cool to wear goggles for the kids.

You think you know a guy.

Horace’s goggle are up there with Rip’s facemask or RW McQuarters’ band-aids (don’t @ me with any D-Wade band-aid talk). A necessary look that started as a medical need, but that you could never give up. Horace can say he did it for the kids, but he had to do it for the brand more importantly. Who’s Horace Grant without the face mask? Very thankful the world will never know.


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