That 7’7″ Romanian Basketball Kid Is Stateside Now

// you don’t remember that kid, here’s the video of his that went viral last year:

Take #1: One of my favorite things in this world is when you get like a Romanian guy with this Romanian last name, but first name is straight Robert. Not Bulgifot or Dumitru, but Robert. Any time that happens around the world, I get a little high off of it.

Take #2: Shoutout to this kid getting out of Romania. But the best he could do was Ohio? At this “Spire” Institute that I’m positive is the same sort of fake school as that place that Thon Maker and Jamal Murray “attended”. Granted, he’s laughably uncoordinated. All of us would be if we were over 7′ before puberty. Kid won’t be playing pro basketball anywhere he can earn money, let’s get him somewhere with at least an algebra class.

Take #3: Undoubtedly the last story we’ll ever have of this kid. Not only is he skinnier than a twig, but he looks like the kind of tall that’s a result of a tumor on your pituitary gland (science major over here, nbd). But let’s remain optimistic I guess. Because I need more Bobby Bigfoot (trademark pending) in this world.


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