Twitter Users Confuse New Baylor Coach Matt Rhule With High Schooler Named Matt Rhule

I won’t lie, when I first saw this tweet I thought it was hilarious, and still do. But, when I stepped back and tried to see this from the “high schooler” Matt Rhule’s perspective, it has to be extremely annoying. I’m sure at first he was having fun with these idiots who were yelling at him on Twitter for leaving Temple for Baylor, which he obviously didn’t do. However, I would almost bet every dollar to my name (which isn’t a lot) that he was sick of it after about five tweets.
Every time I see an incident like this, I’m reminded of the ESPN commercial about the guy named Michael Jordan who lives in Chicago and everyone thinks that he is THE Michael Jordan. He’s not. He’s just an average guy who has the same name as the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. Unfortunately for THIS Michael Jordan, he happens to live in the same city where THE Michael Jordan won six NBA titles. Everywhere he goes, everyone is so let down when they see him because he is not THE Michael Jordan.
From reading through “high schooler” Matt Rhule’s replies, he is handling this A LOT better than I ever would. This is the only time in my life where I’m so happy I have a boring, generic name that I don’t share with anyone famous.
If you want to congratulate, or ridicule, the football coach Matt Rhule on twitter, that’s fine. But, make sure you tweet at the correct handle.

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