Porzingis To Trump: “They Booed Me At First Too”

Via Complex:

I don’t really know the positive things and the negative things that this whole thing has but, anyway, you have to give him a chance, you know? People are saying like [the] same thing with me—they booed me at first, you know?

Valid point from Porzingawd, and what a lot of people said after the election too (contrary to what Twitter and TV may indicate).

At the same time though, Porzingis probably wouldn’t be angry if people voiced why they think he may not be good with the Knicks. He wasn’t tweeting in the middle of the day because Stephen A. Smith was dogging him on TV. He wasn’t tweeting when people said he’s too young and too skinny. He didn’t tweet any time someone said he didn’t play the game how somebody who’s good at basketball plays.

So even though he was different, and had plans to prove the “haters and losers” wrong, he didn’t feel the need to tell people how good he was. Or tweet about how good he is. Do you see where I’m goig with this?


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