Man Who Executed Joe McKnight Only Charged With Manslaughter, Police Hold BIZARRE Presser


The man who fatally shot ex-NFL player Joe McKnight during a road rage dispute has been arrested and jailed on a manslaughter charge, records show. Ronald Gasser, 54, was arrested late Monday. He was initially taken into custody after the shooting last Thursday but he was released without being charged pending further investigation.

While that alone could be the case for manslaughter, this story didn’t include the eyewitness testimony that will likely send a shiver down your spine:

We all know eyewitness testimonies can be shaky, but we’ve yet to hear police or Gasser deny this claim. He literally stood over McKnight and murdered him in cold blood. Joe McKnight could’ve been the worst driver in the history of automobiles. Could’ve been cutting folks off left and right, whatever. Doesn’t change the fact that Gasser stepped out of the car with a gun. And shot him 3 times. Then, STOOD OVER HIM AND MURDERED HIM. Manslaughter? MANSLAUGHTER?

Very proud of the whole Twitter community, because the vote seems pretty consensus that this is absurd. That since the beginning, when they let Gasser leave the station without being charged, this whole investigation has been absurd. Aaaand the Sheriff heard the criticism:


As bad as they may be doing with this, I love that the sheriff read word for word their Twitter mentions. He’ll look back at it and see that he surely won’t get the sympathy that he was looking for. But, he’ll be proud he got a chance to say the n word without anybody chastising him. Small wins.


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