Report: 98% Of NFL Fans Have Never Seen A Game Live

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1738 times: the NFL’s the single best TV sport in the world, without a question. Basketball’s so back and forth that the arena’s alive. College football and basketball are as electric as they come. Even baseball, you sit out in the sun, with peanuts, hot dog, and beverage of choice in hand. But pro football? Paying $80 minimum to get in the door and sit in the cheap seats? Plus if you’re in the North, you’ll be freezing your nips off half the season.

The NFL’s put so much into the TV experience that they gave up on the stadium experience. And I’ve got no beef with that. I’ll take a plate of hot wings and a [coke] over being wedged between a couple greasy Chicago guys named Bob and Jim, inside that spaceship that they call Soldier Field.


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