Rockford Chef Makes 400 Pound Wrigley Field Gingerbread House

Via RRStar.Com:

“Because I was a carpenter, I had the math skills to build the gingerbread structure,” said Madero, 37. “I had to make curves and all that to make it fit. Not having those skills probably would have made it almost impossible… We were just kicking around ideas and everybody thought it would be cool if we did Wrigley Field,” Madero, the head chef at Forest Hills Country Club, built the structure to highlight the club’s annual Gingerbread Brunch, which was held Sunday, and to celebrate the recent World Series win by the Chicago Cubs. The structure took Madero and his team more than 70 hours and about two weeks to build. It weighs more than 400 pounds.

{start gingerbread house rant} Gingerbread houses are always so disappointing. You make the whole thing, and then if you try to eat any of it, you realize that it’s actually disgusting. Unless you’re some Norweigan grandmother that’s doing it the old fashioned way and cooking ginger cookies, and making your own frosting, etc., you’re getting one of those kits from Walgreens with ginger cookies that taste like cardboard and frosting that tastes like expired tooth paste {end gingerbread house rant}.

I guess this is a cool thing? But I wish it wasn’t at a country club. No beef with a country club, but I’d rather it be out there for the whole city to see. Let’s get that thing down to the Field museum to put on display. Oh, and btw, I hope one day I have a job that allows me to build gingerbread houses for 2+ weeks.

rockford cubs.jpg



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