That One Time The Rock Tried To Pull Out A Teammate’s Tongue

Via Sports Illustrated:

Johnson’s frustration at not being an impact player boiled over one day after practice, when he was heckled by his friend and fellow linemate Kevin Patrick. “I was always running hot because I wasn’t getting the playing time that I thought I deserved… Me and Kevin were in a coach’s office, and he was talking s—, as always, but this time I just lost it. It was like a movie fight—the desk got turned over, stuff was flying all over the place.  He wouldn’t stop talking, so I decided to pull his tongue out. I stuffed my big ol’ hand into his mouth, and I had a couple of fingers around his tongue, but it was so damn slippery! I was quite serious about pulling it out, but I couldn’t quite get a hold of it. Eventually I gave up.

Simply remarkable. At that moment, every one should have known The Rock would be a star. Anybody willing to pull a man’s tongue out of their mouth to win a fight will do anything to be successful. Eric Thomas talks about “wanting to be successful more than you want to breathe”, but that’s got nothing on wanting to win a fight more than you care about putting your hand midway down a guy’s throat. I have an easier time imagining myself chopping a limb off of someone than I do ripping their tongue out of their head. Maybe that’s why I’m not rolling in dough like Dwayne.


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