Almost 15% Of The World Set To Watch Chess Championship

Via Australia:

At stake is the title of World Chess Champion and bragging rights for a nation over its toughest rivals. This time, the match will be played out between a Crimean and a Norwegian against a backdrop of high drama between Russia and the West. Crimean Sergey Karjakin, 27, will take on Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, 26, in the battle that is expected to be followed by more than one billion people online, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

1 BILLION! Over 13% of the world!

Take #1: Naming my son Magnus.

Take #2: Can you imagine sitting down to watch a chess match? Or even worse, 4 chess matches? Are 1 billion people in the world actually that bored?

Take #3: Championship price is 600,000 Euros, and the consolation’s 400,000 Euros. That’s not a sharp enough contrast. Damn near nothing on the line. Give the winner 995,000 Euros, and then 5,000 to the loser. Make it interesting. No one cares about the title, it’s about that cheddar.

Take #4: Norweigans have Microsoft protecting my boy Magnus’ secret plans, because they think Russia will hack into it. So as much as I want to pick him, have to go with Putin’s side. If you’re willing to hack into a guy’s computer to win a chess match, you’ve got the heart of a champion.


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