Jerry Jones Is Calling Dak Prescott Daddy Nowadays

Here’s how Dak responded:

I hate it, but this made me like Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. They’re becoming very likeable and very America’s-team again.

Jerry Jones is getting into Hugh Heffner-old territory. Where he’s trying to fit in and live like he was when he was the cool 50 year old, but instead he’s like 90. Maybe that’s something they say in Texas? Calling each other daddy? Simply can’t be.

However, Dak knows though who signs his check though, so if Jerry Jones wants to call you daddy, you start calling him son or bud or sport. Whatever weird fantasy Jerry’s playing out, just go with it. Make that your nickname. Trademark it: Daddy Prescott. Not to get weird, but an oil billionaire could call me just about anything they want if they’re going to be sending me checks every week. Every man has their price. And my price would be 1/10th of the money Jerry’s spending on Dak.


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