House Of Cards Actress’ British Ex-Boyfriend Kicked And Dented The Freaken Lombardi Trophy

If you haven’t seen her performance in House of Cards, you need to. Simply phenomenal. Really broke my heart when {spoiler} ends up {spoiling} her.

Apparently, she’s the most connected NFL person in the world. Her maternal great-grandfather is Art Rooney Sr. Yes, that Rooney. That founded the Steelers, and still owns them. Then as her last name would suggest, her maternal great-grandfather was Wellington Mara, who owned the Giants for 54 years with his wife (Ana), before they passed it on down the family line to John Mar, current owner of the Giants.

So even with allllllll that pedigree, Katie girl dates British guys. Lowkey an American travesty. Old butterfinger ex-boyfriend of hers was apparently allowed to hold the freaken Lombardi Trophy, then dropped it, and in an attempt to save it, kicked it with his foot. Oh, and he was wearing steel boots. Which left a big old dent in it, which I’m assuming has been fixed.

What a BUM. No longer allowed in America in my eyes. Plus any one who wears steel toe boots just to wear steel toe boots, I have questions about. That’s a major warning sign. If you’re not out chopping wood or working in construction, check your steel-toe boots at the front door.


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