Richie Incognito Gained A Large Baby Worth Of Food On Thanksgiving

Bills apparently do this thing on Thanksgiving where they challenge each other to see who can gain the most weight. Just an insanely dumb thing to do, but what else are you going to do in Buffalo?

9.4 pounds. Richie. Oh my.

Feels like he could’ve put down more though. 9.4 seems like child’s play to a guy that’s plus 3 bills. Last year’s winning number was 15 pounds according to Incognito. With that in view, why didn’t Richie hit it this year? 9.4 is what, half a turkey, maybe a whole pumpkin pie, 4 or 5 scoops of mashed and sweet potatoes (each), then mix in various other foods? Do better Richard. Need to bring a turkey just for yourself. Pumpkin pie and an apple pie. With ice cream on both of them.

Do better.


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