Pat Tomasulo Singing Gucci Mane On WGN Was A Perfect Representation Of WGN

Hard to explain WGN to people outside of the WGN-range. In the best effort I can describe it, it’s this rogue corner of Chicago news coverage that still uses cameras from 2002, has the most reliable weatherman in the history of weathermen, shows some of the best midday TV (aka Maury), plays Cubs games sometimes, and can get away with goofy stuff like this because the only people who watch it are 75 and asleep, or have decided there’s literally nothing else better to watch on television.

It’s so authentically Chicago because it spans every end of the spectrum. Boring news for old people, shows that reveal who’s the father for 20 year olds with nothing better to do. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when Pat Tomasulo started singing “I Think I Love Her” by Gucci while covering the Gucci Mane proposing to his girlfriend at the Hawks game last week:

Electric. You’d never get away with that on those straight-edged Fox or NBC news casts. Only on WGN.


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