One Ballsy AP Voter Still Put Michigan Ahead Of Ohio State, Despite The Loss

If you missed the game, here’s the play that was in question:

I understand the debate and the anger, but Michigan fans and guys like Tom Murphy are acting like it was, clear cut, not a first down. Like that the replay undeniably showed JT Barrett didn’t cross the 15 yard line. Personally thought that the tip of the ball did reach there before he got knocked back. But in reality, there was no good camera angle on it.

Not even going to act like this guy truly believes this. Nowadays on the internet, it’s all about getting clicks. Nobody would be reading or linking to Murphy’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article today if he hadn’t done something controversial. As the proprietor of this here site, I don’t hate the player or the game. Clicks are clicks, and you do whatever it takes to earn each one of them. But you’re crazy if you agree with this guy, or think that he’s doing it because he 100% believes Michigan should be ranked above a team they just lost to.


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