Tom Herman Told Houston Players He Wouldn’t Leave For Texas…Then Left 12 Hours Later

This is just one report that I haven’t seen elsewhere, but why would it shock any one?

College football coaches lying shouldn’t surprise any one. Nick Saban lied to both LSU and the Miami Dolphins. Rich Rodriguez signed a contract with West Virginia, and then still went to Michigan. These things happen, and it’s another unfair thing we allow of coaches that we’d never allow from players. But if I’m a Houston fan, I’m angry for maybe a week, then you’ve got to move on with your lives. Can’t hold a grudge about it forever. Tom Herman made Houston legitimate contenders, can’t ask for a lot more from a guy.

Admittedly, I was dead wrong, along with everyone else, in thinking that Tom Herman would be LSU bound. His own fault really for wavering. How good will he be at Texas? Well, surprisingly, Charlie Strong’s record’s a terrible indication of where this program’s at. They don’t need a complete rebuild like people suggest. They’ve been below .500 the last three years, yes. But in terms of recruiting, which pundits note as the biggest issue at Texas, there really isn’t an issue. Look at Strong’s last three recruiting classes at Texas, and you’ll see that they improved each year. According to Rivals, they rose from the 20th best class in 2014, to the 7th best in the country this past season. Pretty damn good. Which isn’t to say that Charlie Strong should’ve kept his job, but there certainly shouldn’t be a grace period for Herman at Texas. The roster’s chock full of 4 and 5 star recruits that with good coaching, can legitimately win 10 or 11 games next season.


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