Notre Dame Player Kicks Freshly-Concussed USC Player In Head

notre dame head kick.gif

When did Notre Dame turn from the Catholics into the Convicts?

Just a testament to how deep in shambles this Notre Dame program is, and has been for some time. The brightest spot they’ve had in the last decade, that national championship berth in 2012-2013, got taken away last week due to academic violations. Brian Kelly’s partially responsible for the death of a student assistant. They’re 4-8. And now they’re out here just kicking dudes on the field.

Wherever Notre Dame goes from here, it’s surely going to be without Brian Kelly. He’s not the answer, and hasn’t been the whole time. Good first step would be kicking off buddy that’s kicking heavily concussed players in the head while they’re on the ground one minute, and then curb stomping dude’s feet ten minutes later:

notre dame foot stomp.gif


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