Ohio State Parents Tell Their Kids They Have To Root For Michigan, Tears Ensue

Good parenting to brainwash them young, don’t give them a chance at making their own team allegiance.

Almost better than the Jimmy Kimmel “I ate all your Halloween candy” prank. Stuff like this is what makes the Ohio State-Michigan, or Auburn-Bama, or whatever other monstrous rivalry so great. It’s legitimate hatred going back and forth. Not just a “hey let’s have a nice sports game”. Nah, it’s something personal that these kids are damn near born with.

While we’re on the subject, this game might be the biggest regular season game in the last decade. Urban Meyer vs. Jim Harbaugh’s the new Bo vs. Woody. Winner goes to the championship. Loser plays Western Michigan in one of the other New Year’s Day bowls. Even though playing it so late in the season might be screwing over their dual-playoff hopes, thank the gods they’re playing it this late. Starts like a 2 month lead up of the best football of the year. What a time to be a college football fan.


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