Ezekiel Elliott Made America Feel Awful About Themselves On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about the three F’s – food, family and football. A wonderful holiday where you can crack your first beer at 10am, in front of your family, and no one sees anything wrong with it. The one day of the year you can eat double your weight in food and it’s completely acceptable.

I checked off all those boxes today (I know, nice “I drink in front of my parents brag”). I drank before 10am, ate way too much food, and felt absolutely miserable the rest of the day from being so full. But, the miserableness I felt from the food and beer couldn’t hold a candle to how I, and most of America, felt during the Cowboys/Redskins post game.
Ezekiel Elliott decided he was going to throw it back to the 2014-15 College Football Playoff and bring back his crop top shirt for his post game interview. So there I sat, after 5 hours of stuffing my face with delicious Thanksgiving food, watching Zeke and his 24-pack abs on my TV. In that moment, I realized what a slob I was. Like really evaluated my life choices on this particular day. One of the worst Thanksgiving moments of my life.
So thank you Zeke Elliott, for making me feel like a fat, drunk, worthless piece of life, on Thanksgiving of all days!

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