Dez Bryant’s EVISCERATING Josh Norman On Social Media

Can’t believe I’m about to side with Dez Bryant. Shows how much of a crybaby Josh Norman is when he’s making Dez look like the mature one.

Don’t now how you could’ve missed what went down in the game Thursday night, but here’s the post-game scuffle between Dez and Norman, and then Norman’s words after the game:

Since that’s ensued, a new Dez quote or tweet has been popping up every like 6 hours. And they’re all 10/10 gold:

“Better tell Washington to get there money back” is the quote of the year, and there’s nothing in the league that’ll beat it. Put that on a t-shirt.

We’ve been saying it all year in the NFL, and in the NBA, that we need rivalries again. There’s no more Brady vs. Manning. Ravens vs. Steelers isn’t what it once was. Bears and Packers is only important to us Midwesterners. But now we’ve got this little pain in the ass of a player in Josh Norman, and he’s single-handedly starting the top rivalries in the league. Right now if you had to rank one on one rivalries, it’s Norman vs. OBJ at 1a, and Norman vs. Dez at 1b. There’s nothing else even close.

So while I love Dez clapping back at Norman on Twitter, something I hope he does all week like he promised


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