It’s An American Travesty That We Have College Basketball Games On Thanksgiving

If I’m a college basketball player, this would be on the docket for reasons the NCAA’s exploiting me.

NCAA has 22 games today, many of which are parts of tournaments, far far away from the homes of the players. Many played during the day. Just so that the NCAA can get higher ratings, and make more money.

Maybe you’ll read this and think I’m another coddled Millenial that just wants everyone to get what makes them happy. And that’s fine. But we’ve lost track of ourselves as a society when we’re forcing amateur athletes away from their families on one of the biggest family-holidays of the year, all because of a game. If nothing else, the NCAA should be paying for the transit for these guys to go home and see their families. In the grand scheme of things, what’s more important: Bucknell and Norfolk State playing in the Continental Tire Las Vegas Invitational, or that the people on those teams can cherish moments with their families? It’s an obvious answer when you take money out of the equation.

I’m aware of how soft all that sounds, and I don’t want you to think I’m always on the side of these college athletes’ complaints. Like when Richard Sherman last year talked about how hard it was for college athletes to do well in school, and how they don’t have a lot of time to study because of practice or whatever. Couldn’t disagree more. There are lots of people in colleges with busier schedules than athletes, and getting compensated a lot less for having such a busy schedule. So that’s a sob story that I don’t ever need to hear. But can’t we all agree that if we’re not going to pay these kids, we should at least let them go home and see their families on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Isn’t the NFL enough on Thanksgiving?


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