Start Your Day With Bed I Made x Allen Stone


Haven’t had a “Start Your Day With” blog in awhile, but it’s so necessary right now. This dude and this song. One of those that you hear for the first time, and you wonder why it doesn’t have 100 million views. Dude’s got this whole Ed Sheeran thing going, where he’s one of the stranger looking fellas you’ll see (I mess with the glasses though). Then he opens his mouth, and he sings the most comforting and perfect song I’ve ever heard. Allen Stone, I have no clue who you are, but good shit my man. Heard it 2 days ago for the first time, and have, conservatively, listened to it 70945 times since then.

Happy day before Thanksgiving folks, have a happy Wednesday:

Bonus video below, because this guy’s cover might be better than the original:


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