Marshall Plumlee Was Late To His NBA Debut Because He Literally Had To Sprint To MSG

Via New York Post:

Living near a Metro-North station, Plumlee elected to take the express train to Grand Central [Station in Manhattan]. That went well, but the cab ride to the Garden didn’t. Stuck in traffic, Plumlee said he paid the cab driver to dash through at least one red light.But eventually, after a $60 tip, Plumlee hopped out. Traffic was too severe, and the 7-footer bolted the final few blocks to the Garden.“I sprinted over as fast as I could,’’ Plumlee said. “… My phone was blowing up: ‘Are you almost here? Are you almost here?’ I don’t think they realize those texts just slow you down so I put the phone away.“But I got here. They said, ‘Do you need a warm-up?’ I’m already warm. I ran here.’’

Hate Duke, love the story. Plumlee got the call 2 hours before tipoff that he’d be playing on Sunday, because Joakim Noah got sick. That whole scene above goes down, and he runs into the game midway through the first quarter. Dude literally ran into the arena and onto the court. No joke got dressed in the locker room, came onto the court, and checked into the game at the 5:21 mark in the 1st.

All-time gritty move from the block-headed white guy that I thought was going into the Army? Or was that all a ploy for good publicity? I respect it if it was, because he’s become the one guy to ever play at Duke that I can stand. Kind of guy that would run 30 miles to just play 5 minutes in the NBA. Need more of that in America. Love how he didn’t expect there to be traffic in NYC on game day. Really playing up the “farm boy goes to the big city for the first time” thing to get the fans on his side.


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