Extra difficult point?

Extra points use to be automatic in the NFL due to the short distance they were kicked from (17 yards).  Last year, the NFL decided to move the distance back to 33 yards to make the games more interesting.  This move has definitely made games more interesting, especially the game a couple weeks ago between the Saints and Broncos.  The Saints had just scored a touchdown to tie and they were about to take the lead when the Broncos blocked the extra point and took it to the house to win the game.  Talk about drama, that will change a fan’s excitement in a second.

There have been 48 missed extra points this season (between 26 different teams) and of course the Bears lead the NFL in missed extra points with 4 (they have been painful to watch). Most of these missed PATs are from this past Sunday; there were 12 missed extra points around the league, which is a new NFL record.  The previous record was 10 which was set in 1985. Two kickers missed two extra points (Robbie Gould and Mike Nugent).  Not the best week for kickers.  Even Adam Vinatieri missed a field goal…

There was another missed field goal in the night game after this video was posted….

This new rule change has had mixed responses around the sports world these past two years.  Some people find it very entertaining and others think that the change was very unnecessary.  I personally think that this is good for the game because the NFL has recently been losing ratings and this rule is something that could bring excitement back into the game due to the unsureness of a single point which could change the outcome of a game.



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