Maybe Charlie Strong’s Getting Fired Because His Favorite Musical Artist Is DJ Khaled

ESPN did this thing where they asked every college football coach their favorite musical artist. College football coaches are about 95% middle aged white guys from the South, so it shouldn’t surprise you when it’s all Garth Brooks and Pearl Jam and Prince.

But you’ve got some curveballs in there. James Franklin picking Jay Z. Mark Helfrich saying he loves Daft Punk (that’s underrated weird as hell). And then Charlie Strong, from the clouds, takes DJ Khaled?

dj khaled gif.gif

You can’t be sitting on the hot seat, and then pick DJ Khaled as your favorite musician. First off, he’s not even a musician. Outside of that, there’s really nothing more to it. Not a coincidence that right after that article came out, Texas decided they’ll be firing Charlie in the next couple days (I’m positive it’s this and not the fact he hasn’t had a winning season yet).


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