Bucks Roast Warriors Bandwagoners, Who I Don’t Think Noticed

You’ve seen the pictures on Twitter by this point, that the Bucks roasted every Warriors fan in their stadium the other night. Here’s the pictures if you haven’t seen them:


Best part’s that I don’t think they notice they’re getting roasted. Because if you were a real fan, you’d maybe take a little offense to a team calling you out in front of the whole stadium (it is the Bucks, so probably a total of 5,000 people there), not just start cheering like idiots.

Honestly have never had an issue with bandwagon fans. Unless you’re doing it every single year, who cares if you start rooting for a random team. God bless you, do your thing. However, these Warriors bandwagon fans have gotten out of hand, and we can’t allow them to become “America’s team”.


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