Things I Thought Would Be More Important: Water Towers

Another edition of TITWBMI (doesn’t roll off the tongue, I’m working on it). Moving it to #CrossoverReportAfterDark too for you night owls.

Back in the 1950s, water towers probably seemed like a great idea. Store our most valuable resource up high, where nobody can get to it. That’ll keep it safe.

Then planes were invented (like 50 years before that, I’m aware, but just look past it for this point), and everyone started building things higher and higher, and now they’re just stupid. Our water’s barely protected from a rogue kite.

I always thought water towers were a big deal to a town, and actually served a purpose. Like that they were a necessary part in the distribution of water to homes. In reality? I’d be surprised if there’s a drop of water in any of them. How inefficient would that be to shoot water all the way up the tower, just to shoot it back down and into the pipes.

Admittedly, some water towers are very cool. If you’ve got a design on it, I mess with that hard. Need more of those water towers. Most of them are just lazy and plain white. Or I swear, I saw one once with a Dick’s Sporting Goods ad on it. Way to really represent the town. All in all, water towers could all go away tomorrow, and nobody would ever notice.


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