NFL Executive Blames NFL’s Ratings Drop On Obama Having People “Look At Facts”

Late entry for hottest take of the year. Just snuck it before the calendar flips.

Via B******* Report’s interview with an anonymous NFL Executive:

Under President Obama, the country was intellectual and looked at facts. I think that’s why our ratings fell. People read a lot about our scandals or CTE and didn’t like what they saw. Under Trump, the country will care less about truth or facts. It’ll be [more raw] and brutal. Football will be more of an outlet. We’ll go back to liking our violent sports.

Yeah stupid Americans, with your reading and facts. “Ooh look at me I’m a stoopid PC liberal, I’m gonna go read a book written by some doctor that went to some liberal, MSM Medical School.” Sad!

Hey America, how about you go back to blindly accepting whatever your friend from high school posts on Facebook without fact-checking. Facts are for squares. Under the Trump Presidency, this country’s football is going to be so good. The best. Everyone says it’s going to be the best. It’s well known Trump knows more about football than all the owners and Commissioners in the history of the league. We’re going to repeal and replace the current NFL, and get rid of the concussion restrictions Obummercare put on the League, freeing up guys to come back even if they can’t see or hear or walk.

Buckle up, Millennials. We’re done with your reading and facts and science. MAKE FOOTBALL BRUTAL AGAIN.


One thought on “NFL Executive Blames NFL’s Ratings Drop On Obama Having People “Look At Facts”

  1. LOL. Even though the left is notoriously emotion-driven at the expense of all facts, as we’ve seen for 8 years. Love the “intellectual” Obama meme. Obama is a stupid person’s idea of smart. Couldn’t have anything to do with douchey executives who think an entire country’s intelligence changes, on the basis of an electoral candidate winning.


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