There’s A Von Miller Sex Tape Being Shopped Around, Of Course

#CrossoverReportAfterDark (should be a whole new section on here, but there are a million other things to figure out first, like how to get a Skype recorder that works, but I’m digressing)

The Smoking Gun’s reporting that folks from the camp of “model”, aka woman with Instagram account, Elizabeth Ruiz, recorded a sex tape with Miller while the two were in Mexico after Miller’s Super Bowl victory. Dude rented out some huge mansion and just had bitties running in and out of the place like no one’s business apparently:

von miller women mexico.jpg

Ruiz is the one on the far left, I promise I’ll include more pics at the bottom. While the two were mixing it up, guess she just whipped out the phone and started taping. Miller’s not an idiot, he noticed, and made her “promise that she wouldn’t do anything with that”, which she obviously said yes too. Because she’s not 3 years old, so she’s figured out how to lie.

it's your own fault.gif

Call me a naive child, but I’ll never understand athletes making sex tapes. Ever. It can’t be that hard to see that someone’s taping you. Like if you’re dumb enough to take this Instagram model’s word as truth, you deserve for everyone to see you naked. Because it doesn’t take not more than 1 scroll through Instagram to see this chick’s trying to be famous. Everyone wants to be Kim Kardashian, but people forget she was a pioneer in the field. Step your game up and figure out your own strategy to get rich.

That being said, would be shocked if all his big sponsors went away from him if this came out. Because even though it’s his fault for not shutting down this recording at the moment, it’s not his fault for having sex. As long as he doesn’t spurt racial slurs and controversial political views while he makes love, he’ll be aight.

As promised for all you creeps, here’s some more of her Instagram:

Comment your fave emoji 💎

A post shared by Ely (@elizabethruizxo) on

So much fun on set today 🙌🏽

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(I don’t know why she’s on set or for what with Kevin Hart, but he better run the hell away)

(starting to think she might actually be an actress or model)

Cardio•abs•steam room…in that order💎

A post shared by Ely (@elizabethruizxo) on

(Nah nevermind, she’s taking pictures at LA Fitness, she’s not famous)


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