The World Really Doesn’t Need This Nutella Burger From McDonald’s

Nope try again.

I love Nutella as much as the next 17 year old girl posting about it on Twitter, but this is how it dies. By selling its soul to McDonald’s. Same as when Mountain Dew became dead to me once it sold its soul to Taco Bell, noted seller of dog food-quality tacos.

What was the research for this? A large company like McDonald’s doesn’t just sell stuff for the sake of selling it, they do it because there’s some sort of economic data to back it up. Hard to imagine the great people of Italy taste-tested this nonsense and signed on to bring it to their country.

That’s the only place they’ll be selling it for now, but it’ll surely make it to the US eventually to fulfill all the white girls craving it out there. If you ever in your life eat one of those, leave my website, unfriend me on Facebook, block me on Twitter and Snapchat, and never ever ever talk to me again.


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