Man City Coach Enforces Sex Curfew On Players

Samri Nasri (used to play for Man City) told the French paper L’Equipe, that legendary manager Pep Guardiola told player to “finish up sex by midnight, so they can get a good night’s sleep”.

Love the move, and would love even more to know how strictly he enforced it. 12:01, I hope he makes every player FaceTime him or someone on the coaching staff until they fall asleep. Maybe he just does the old ear to the door trick, sees if any funny business is going on.

Even if it isn’t enforceable,it’s great when coaches buy a little bit of space in the minds of the players. Dude’s are getting it in, look at the clock and sees it’s 12:01, and now they’ve got Pep Guardiola’s face in their mind. More effective than a cold shower.


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