Floyd Mayweather’s Done With The Conor McGregor Comparison


It should be a surprise to no one that Floyd Mayweather was recorded on camera saying something cocky. That’s just the type of guy he is. But my man has a point here.
Mayweather has fought for 20 years and has not been beat once. 49 fights, 49 wins (26 by KO), ZERO losses. Not even one split decision. Let’s compare that to Conor McGregor’s career. McGregor is 21-3-0 in his career fighting UFC. One of the most polarizing fighters the UFC has ever seen, still is not Floyd Mayweather. Is McGregor great fighter? Yes. Is he the best to ever fight in the UFC? Probably. But, is his resume comparable to Floyd Mayweather’s? No.
What Floyd Mayweather has accomplished throughout his career is difficult to match. Name another athlete, other than Rocky Marciano, who has played 49 games, or 49 matches, in their career and never lost one. Are we splitting hairs by comparing Mayweather and McGregor? Yes, because they are both great fighters and in the conversation of the best to ever do it in their sports. But, Mayweather has a point. He has NEVER been handed a loss in the ring. 49-0-0.
A fight between Mayweather and McGregor will probably never happen because one would have to agree to fight the other’s style, whether it’s MMA or traditional boxing. But, i would love to see it!

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