Cubs title causes kid to lose tooth

Another Cubs article!! It really had been too long since the last one, but this story may be to good to pass up. Apparently this kid made a bet with his buddy that if the Cubs won the series they could yank out his tooth:

Im assuming the kid’s a Cub fan and did it as a sacrifice to the baseball Gods(Cubs win=tooth)lob sided deal. I have been wondering how old buddy is, because that could very well be an adult tooth. But I understand the situation, in my life I have asked the “what would I give for a championship” question too many times as a Chicago sports fan. For a Bulls title I would probably being willing to eat a couple of half eaten burgers out of a dumpster. For a Bears title I would be okay with being tazed a couple times. I would give absolutely nothing for a Blackhawks title, respect the hell out of that team just not a hockey guy and  as far as the Cubs go, that’s history.

Respect the kid that lost the tooth, loved the way they did it.



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