I Wish All The Bears Would Take Steroids

At least Alshon cares enough about football to cheat, right? Maybe? Anybody with me?

True, he doesn’t care about the Bears. Nobody does any more. Because this is a contract year, and he needed to get that cheddar in the offseason. But he could have taken a gallon of steroids daily, and it wasn’t going to change the fact that Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer, and Matt Barkley were throwing the ball 5 yards behind him every play.. In the future, I’d recommend something a little more hallucinogenic to help get you over that. Maybe hire a hitman? (we don’t condone violence)

Almost wish everyone on the Bears would take steroids the rest of the season. A 4 game suspension next year would be a small price to pay to gain back a little bit of respect. Hell, just start switching positions. Put Cutler at linebacker, O’Donnell at QB, Jordan Howard at Kicker. Either that, or you all take steroids. Something to make this team watchable, please.


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