Chris Conte: “F You Chicago”

After the Bucs win Sunday, one where Conte had a pick 6 off Cutler, the former Bears safety said:

“I hate to make it personal, but for me it is personal,” Conte said, via the Chicago Tribune. “It feels great. I don’t want to say, ‘F— you, Chicago.’ But, I want to say, ‘F— you, Chicago.’”

Dude couldn’t take down a tackling dummy one on one. Teams will use how poorly he played that 4th and 8 against the Packers, in the last game of the 2013 season, to show guys how not to play a 4th down, or how not to play in the last minutes of a game, or how not to play football. Still do not understand how, on 4th and 8th, as the last line of defense, you let Randall Cobb run literally right past you. There’s messing up, and then there’s changing the path of Bears football.

Which seems like a lot to put on one play, but if the Bears get a stop there, they win the division, and make the Playoffs. Who knows what they would’ve done, but since that game, the Bears are 13-28 and on their way to their 3rd straight below.500 season. Do what you want with all that. Have fun in Tampa, Conte.

conte blown play.gif

(I was going to make a pun with his name and a bad word but I didn’t, not to brag about my morality, but that should earn me some brownie points with the Big Man upstairs)


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