After The Fact, I Don’t Need Athletes Saying Who They Voted For

One thing if it’s Lebron campaigning for Hillary, or Bobby Knight campaigning for Trump (fun fact: I accidentally misspelled his name “Booby Knight” the first time I typed it, and I really think he should change it to that, much more likable).

But after the election’s over, let’s stop asking athletes straight up “who’d you vote for?” One thing if it’s Kaepernick, because it gave us that nugget that despite his activism, he didn’t vote. For example, why the HELL are we asking Jay Cutler who he voted for?

All that’s doing is creating more anger, division, and nonsense. Need these guys with press access to start cutting through the bullshit and just doing their jobs. If the guy wants to bring up the election on his own, then God bless him, it’s his right. They’re not all political activists though, and we don’t need to know who the entire 53 man roster sides with.


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