Why Does Dennis Schroder Have A Hookah Bar, And Why Did It Get 21 Health Code Violatons?

Via Atlanta Journal:

A lounge that Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder opened failed a recent health inspection, with officials noting “heavy fruit flies and fly activity in the main kitchen.” The DS17 Lounge scored a 42/U following the Wednesday evaluation. According to the report, there was “heavy grease and food debris on [the] walls in the kitchen.” Officials also reported sinks without soap or paper towels and “trash, pots, pans [and] garbage bags outside” around the back door of the facility. 

To me, this isn’t a story about Dennis Schroder’s Hookah bar having 21 health code violations. Stuff happens.

The real story’s that Dennis Schroder owns a hookah bar. These guys wonder why they’re out of money within 5 years of retirement, it’s because they start buying businesses and crap after their first contract. Chill on that, you’ll have plenty of time to blow your money when you get older. Best example of that’s Lebron. Dude could have bought every restaurant in Cleveland when he was 22. But he’s waited until the last few years to start really investing that into things he can make money with, not freaking hookah bars.


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