After Making Strides With His Protest, Kaepernick Didn’t Even Vote

Reaction from everyone was the same. After all that action and protest, you don’t do your civic duty? You don’t use your voice? You’ve become a leader of this movement to enact social change, and the example you decide to set is to not vote?

That’s dangerous. He’s made it clear he didn’t like Hillary or Donald, but to not vote at all’s inexplicable for a guy in his position. He’s made strides with his protest, and helped it grow from a gimmick to an actual movement. You don’t have to vote for President. There are races up and down the ballot where he can be voting for people that could bring about the outcomes and change in society he wants. So yes, it’s his right to not vote if he doesn’t want to. This isn’t North Korea where it’s illegal to not vote. But for someone in his position, after the protests he’s made, it’s simply inexplicable.

Here’s Stephen A’s take on it:

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