Tom Brady: “I Talked To My Wife, And She Said I Can’t Talk About Politics Anymore”

You don’t truly understand what Tom Brady is going through here unless you are married. I get it, it’s easy to say that his man card should be revoked because his wife is telling him what he can and can’t talk about. I would have said the same thing when I was still a bachelor. But, when you’re married, the game completely changes on issues like this.

We all know the saying about how marriage is just one big compromise, and it is. You have to be smart about how you pick your battles with your wife. That is exactly what Tom Brady has done here. His wife has simply asked him to not talk politics anymore. Brady, like most guys, knows that a request this small is not worth the fight. AT ALL! There is going to come a time where he might want to go out on an all night drinking bender with his buddies. Or maybe even spend the whole day away from the family playing golf. If he chose to go against his wife’s word on this, he’s doomed. There is absolutely no chance Gisele allows him to have fun for the foreseeable future.

Say what you want about Tom Brady. Revoke his man card if you must. But, you’ll never understand why he did what he did until you’re actually married.



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