Reggie Bush takes worse L since the 2006 Rose Bowl

Reggie Bush was the original super athlete to suffer from the wrath of the Kardashian’s. His NFL career hasn’t been a total bust, but you could say the former Heisman trophy winner(kinda) has fallen short of his superstar expectations.

The last few years Bush has bounced around from Detroit, San Francisco and Buffalo with a limited role in each city. Now he actually found himself back in the headlines for dropping millions of dollars on his baby mama. Apparently Bush was paying Monique Exposito to remain silent about their love child and to abort it. Instead somehow Exposito took the money and decided to address the media anyways, OH and she is still having the child.

Image result for bush exposito

First off what are you doing Reggie? Paying someone to have an abortion is not a great look.Also,  I think you can make a contract for just about anything in this world and I have no idea why he wouldn’t incorporate a “She has to go through with it” clause. It’s like when your a kid and you want to trade lunch cakes “On the count of 3 we trade” it’s the only fair way to get it done. Looking back that may have been tough to do in this situation. Mad props to Exposito setting herself up for the next 18 years.

I guess Reggie just has to reminisce on the good ole days.

Image result for reggie bush kim k


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